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Putting new tools and strategies into leaders hands through interactive virtual trainings on Divergent and Convergent Thinking and Storytelling.

XONA SPACE SYSTEMS: ​​Xona Space Systems is developing a new generation of high-accuracy position, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions for intelligent systems. 

NEW VISTA ACQUISITION CORPORATION Investor and advisor to the space sector at New Vista, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company focused on fueling emerging and transformational technologies in the space & communications, next-gen defense, advanced air mobility, logistics & transportation sectors.

SERAPHIM SPACE CAMP ACCELERATOR: Mentor at Seraphim Capital's Space Camp accelerator helping founders story tell their technical vision to non-technical audiences.

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"What Does New Space Really Mean?" On Orbit Podcast, April 6, 2020

"Rafferty Jackson and Zainab Boladale," Real Humans Podcast, Episode 3, December 2019


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jack industries Services AND ADVISOR ROLES 

Seraphim Space Camp Mission 8 is getting ready to launch. Apply here. 

Joined the conversation on April 8, 202 at the Vertical Flight Society on how eVTOL startups can access capital to fund their companies. . YouTube here.

Jack Industries shortens the distance to success. By infusing purpose-driven leadership, storytelling, culture and design-thinking into strategy through workshops, operational plans and high-return on investment projects, we get founders and leaders to "Yes" with investors, customers and employees. We believe better jobs make better businesses. Our services include Speaking, Scaffolding, Scaling and Selling. We also actively invest in early-stage, high growth companies founded, led or invented by women through Astia Angels. 

·     keynotes, workshops, trainings
·     start-up services like sales, people, GTM, temporary leadership
·     business development, strategics, partnerships
·     brand operational playbooks, business plans
·     near and mid-term strategy, readiness assessments
·     organization, culture development, talent alignment
·     new markets, category expansion
·    revenue development, pricing, sales strategy, segmentation
·    storytelling, customer acquisition 
·    omni-channel direct to consumer engagement