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Rafferty jackson

From the Beats by Dr. Dre brand sale to Apple Inc. for $3B (including Beats Music), to The North Face and Vans brands reaching over $1B in sales in North America, to taking Ubiquity Software public on the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange and selling it to Avaya, Inc., Rafferty Jackson has led companies through hyper-growth, investments, global expansion, mergers, acquisitions and IPO. 

Rafferty built her diverse career through leadership roles at these major market disruptors, repeatedly creating executive leadership roles requiring oversight, accountability, strategic planning and execution as well as collaboration across all company functions. Now she focuses on using her unique and valuable business insights, created from all of her life and business experiences, to fill leaders and founders with courage, new tools and a strategy forward for them to transform company purpose into company culture, creating better businesses through better jobs, products and services. 

As a New Space and Autonomy advocate, she is a mentor for the Seraphim Space Camp Accelerator where she works with founders to story tell technical visions to non-technical audiences and to structure company culture premised on purpose. She is an advisor and investor in the New Vista Acquisition Corp. and an advisor to Xona Space Systems. She is also an Astia Angel, investing in women-led, and founded companies.

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LinkedIn: Rafferty Jackson and Jack Industries

Twitter and IG: @raffjack

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